Floor Finishes

Trust our specialists and book our wood floor polishing & cleaning services in London. Sometimes wood floors in both domestic and commercial premises in London only need some tender loving care rather than a full floor sanding, repair or renovation. The experts from Best Floor Sanding will perform an assessment of the floor and then take the most appropriate course of action.

If it has been determined that sanding is not necessary because the wear and tear is only minor and on the surface we recommend buffing. Our team begins by sweeping or vacuuming the floor. They then use a high quality buffing machine that gently removes the top layer of the floor. Any scratches and stains are removed along with this layer. The process of buffing will only be successful if good quality buffer pads that are not worn are fitted and if the buffing is done systematically. Some of our experienced staff members start on the left and move right and others prefer a right to left motion. Either way it must be a sweeping and smooth movement. This is done over the entire floor. After buffing is complete, the floor is swept or vacuumed again to remove any debris left on the floor surface. Once the floor has been buffed a finish is required to restore the glow and colour of the timber. The client has several options at this point:


Varnish, sometimes referred to as lacquer, is a very effective sealant. It makes a floor glow and brings out the warmth of the wood. It is also a very effective protective layer or seal on a floor. Water-based varnish is popular for several reasons.

Firstly, it is more eco-friendly. It also doesn’t produce fumes and – an important consideration – it dries faster. On the other hand, oil-based varnishes are thought to last longer than water-based ones.

Floor Sanding

We provide a professional floor sander service, supplying top-quality and dust-free floor sanders for all types of wood floors and much more.

Floor Fitting

We provide efficient and high quality wood floor fitting services in UK. There is a wide range of wood flooring available:

Floor Repairs

Choose our expert and affordable wood floor repairs in London. Floors are restored when they have become dull, scratched or stained.