Floor Repairs

Choose our expert and affordable wood floor repairs in London. Floors are restored when they have become dull, scratched or stained. Wood floors that have suffered some kind of damage must first be repaired. The expert craftsmen at Best Floor Sanding will assess the damaged floor to determine the cause and propose a solution.

We repair all types of wooden flooring:

  • Solid wood
  • Engineered wood
  • Parquet
  • Laminate

There are many things that can cause severe damage to a wood floor. However, in the UK the most common ones are water (rising damp and wet rot), woodworm and dry rot. All of these can cause a great deal of damage if not dealt with effectively by professionals with the experience to do so. Some are a threat not only to the timber but the surrounding areas such as walls.


The first step is to determine what is damaging the wood floor. Our experts will also assess the degree or extent of the damage. Based on this we will outline a course of action to deal with the problem and a quote. It’s then up to the client to decide whether they wish to proceed or not. However, you should keep in mind that neglecting the problem can lead to severe or irreparable damage to the floor and the surrounding areas such as walls or other wood items. Although rising damp looks alarming it is easier to treat than other problems. This form of damp affects both floors and walls.

The effects of this type of damp look unsightly. In addition, if mould grows on the damp areas this is also a health issue. As the damp spreads the damaged area also grows. Our teams locate the source of the damp so they can address them and take steps to dry the timber.

Wet rot results in very damp timber that can look darker in colour than the rest of the floor. Floor boards may even crack or start to crumble and break down. As with rising damp the first step is the eradication of the source of the damp. Once we do that, we dry out the wood. We can then go on with the repair work if part of the timber has been lost or there are gaps between the boards. However, that is a separate issue and the client must decide if they want the work properly done.

Floor Sanding

We provide a professional floor sander service, supplying top-quality and dust-free floor sanders for all types of wood floors and much more.

Floor Fitting

We provide efficient and high quality wood floor fitting services in UK. There is a wide range of wood flooring available:

Floor Repairs

Choose our expert and affordable wood floor repairs in London. Floors are restored when they have become dull, scratched or stained.