Gap Filling

Our expert floor sanding company provides Best Wood floor gap filling in London. The craftsmen at Best Floor Sanding bring their experience, skills and professionalism to bear on all aspects of caring for wooden floors in both domestic and commercial clients throughout all Central and Greater London areas. We provide services that range from fitting to Best Floor Sanding to full restoration and repair work. One aspect of this is gap filling.

As wood ages, the boards begin to shrink. This is especially true of floors that have not been cared for and where the wood has become dry. The boards move apart and leave gaps in between. These can range from very narrow spaces to far more obvious ones. Regardless of size, these gaps detract from the look of the floor. The size or width of the gap that requires filling often dictates how our craftsmen fill them in terms of the material used:


Using strips of wood is thought to be a particularly effective and long-lasting material to use to fill wide gaps in floors. It works especially well on softwood floors and the wood of choice is often pine.

The process is not complicated. The strips must be cut to the correct size so that they fit neatly into the gaps. The strip is covered with glue on the sides and underside before it is put carefully in place.

The strips are left overnight so that they settle and the glue cures or dries properly. The following day they are sanded until they are flush or level with the surrounding floor.

While this process is time consuming it is well worth it as it is a long-term fix that looks good when the entire floor has been finished.

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