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Our expert School wood floor sanding in London is professional, reliable and affordable. A large number of businesses in London have wood floors at their premises. These floors are either there to serve an aesthetic or a practical purpose. At Best Floor Sanding we understand that wood floors in offices, public buildings, gyms, dance studios etc. take a great deal more punishment than domestic floors do. As a result these hardworking floors need as much – if not more – attention and care than domestic wood floors do.

Commercial wood floors become scratched, stained and chipped. This is because items such as furniture are dragged over them, objects are dropped onto them, liquids get spilled and people track in dirt and grit. All of this causes damage to wood surfaces. While the property owner, manager or tenant can do take actions to minimise damage such as regular sweeping and vacuuming and taking care when moving things, eventually these floors need expert attention.


That’s where the experienced professionals from Best Floor Sanding come in. The best way to deal with surface problems such as scratches and stains is by sanding wood floors. Our team will prepare the room that is to be sanded by removing any items that have been placed on the floor if the client has not already done so. The floor is then swept and or vacuumed very thoroughly in order to remove all loose debris. We also check carefully for protruding nails, screws or other objects in the floor and remove them.

Once the floor is thoroughly clean the sanding process can begin. We use highly specialised, dust-free sanding equipment. The first sanding is done with a coarse abrasive. The floor is a little rough after this initial sanding. As we continue to work the grit level used becomes increasingly fine. After each sanding the floor is cleaned again. This is to ensure that no debris remains on the surface that could cause scratching.

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We provide a professional floor sander service, supplying top-quality and dust-free floor sanders for all types of wood floors and much more.

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We provide efficient and high quality wood floor fitting services in UK. There is a wide range of wood flooring available:

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Choose our expert and affordable wood floor repairs in London. Floors are restored when they have become dull, scratched or stained.